Platform Racing 2

Platform racing is a Jiggmin game whose downfall is attributed to continuity miscalculations. It all started when Jiggmin sold Platform Racing 3 to, which then changed the game to signify a change of ownership. The move led to a decline in popularity of Platform Racing 2. To revive the game, Jiggmin made weekly updates but the effort was short lived because decided to shut down their entire website as well as the Platform Racing 3 beta version. Therefore, Platform Racing 3 was never officially launched because it never passed the beta stage, meaning that the Platform Racing franchise would not continue.

Jiggmin’s Disappearance

After and Platform Racing 3 were shut down, Jiggmin went silent, leaving Platform Racing 2 fans in limbo. Jiggmin just stopped making the weekly updates (referred to as Motley Mondays) without any explanation. After a few months, Jiggmin uploaded a final YouTube video, but the video did not explain why Platform Racing 2 was abandoned. The video consisted of short footage that showcased another game by Jiggmin that was totally unrelated to Platform Racing 2. Jiggmin later shut down the main games’ website and removed Platform Racing 2 without giving any reasons for the decision. Players interpreted this as the end of Platform Racing.

The End of Platform Racing 2

With Jiggmin’s silence and the shutting down of Platform Racing 3, fans believed that the game had come to an end. Lack of regular updates for the game demotivated players who, after a while, ditched the game for good. Over 400 players registered on different servers like Derron for Platform Racing 2, but over time, the numbers started to drop significantly. In fact, the numbers dropped so rapidly that it is now believed to have fewer than 20 players registered. Loyal Platform Racing 2 fans took to the internet to express their considerable disappointment at the game being abandoned.

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