Pre Release

Platform Racing 2 was created and developed by Jacob Grahn and was first released on 2nd of June 2008. The game is multiplayer online video game and is very popular among gamers due to its unique and trendy features. The game received a total of 32 million plays on Kongregate alone.

The game also went on to set a record of having two thousand players playing online simultaneously. Platform Racing 2 has also received multiple awards and a number of nominations for its creativity. It also received a great reception from gamers (as did the renowned sequel which was released two years later).

Pre-release History

The release of Platform Racing 2 was first announced 2 months prior to release by Jiggmin in a Kongregate forum. The post announced that the game would be released on 1st of January 2008. However, the date passed and the game was not released until the 15th of January 2008

The game preview was posted on the Jiggmin website later in February. The account used by users was in danger of impersonation and that’s why all accounts were shared with Volly-Bounce. The link continued until the beginning of 2012. The game, as is with all games, received updates while running on beta.

Platform Racing 3 pre-release

There was a lot of speculation prior to the release. The official confirmation was communicated by Jiggmin on 27th of October 2008, through their website. The communication also gave hints of what fans could expect from the game including new features and new settings. It was to be released at the end of 2009.

Specifics, however, were avoided and fans were kept guessing on what would be in or out of the new Platform Racing 3 game. However, this all changed on the 22nd of March 2010 when they released screenshots of the game to fans who gave positive feedback. The game was released 2nd of June 2010.