Platform Racing 2 works in much the same way as Platform Racing. Players race against each other or battle each other using customizable Avatars. This is an online side-scrolling game, and the action takes place within maps that are created by other players.  Different levels present various items that players can bump into and use to their advantage against other players during gameplay.This version goes at a much faster pace than its predecessor due to the fact that the maximum attainable speed has been massively increased. However, this also means that players will need greater skills than they had before if they wish to master the game and come out on top.


Players will find that it’s not just the speed of the game that makes Platform Racing 2 more enticing than the original game; many other improvements have been made. Players now have the option of creating an account, which means that they can save their game when they need to take a break and then pick up where they left off when they sign in again.


The ranking system has also improved leaps and bounds, and players can now gain and accumulate points based on their placing at the end of each game. As they accumulate points, their rank will get higher and they can then earn points that they can use to accelerate their speed and jump higher. They can also see how other players are ranked.

Map Making

The best new feature in Platform racing 2 is the fact that players can create maps. This feature is called the level editor. Players can use the available blocks to create the base of their maps, and then they have the option of choosing from a variety of backgrounds, or they can use one of the art layers to draw their own background. Players can add text to their map, choose a song for each level, and decide on time limit and rank. Map making takes this game to a whole new level!